Sergey. Ingenjör I Elektroteknik

The reason for my online classes and conversations with Anna was the great inner desire and need to find answers to life’s questions after i experienced another spiritual crisis. I also had the intention to rebuild my life position and self-confidence.
Anna very gently and intelligibly explained to me that picture of the world, which completely suited me and supports me even today.
The classes were entertaining and interesting, thanks to the knowledge I got, I began to build my relationships on a different basis both with myself and others around me.
I started to love and trust more, it became easier for me to be myself. I started to realise the meaning of my steps and actions, as well as build new goals, dreams and relationships with others. Anna helped transform the existing mess in my head into a clear, more practical life system of attitudes and an understanding of why everything is as it is. Plus, an individual approach and an understanding of the essence of my problem, which I really needed.


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